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This is one of the best PC Optimizer at the market, and price are very reasonable.
PC Optimizer issaid to be one of the finest registry cleaners available. However , it also causes some of the largest headaches of any of the registry cleaners I have seen. Random crashes increase, bootup errors are common and things slide downhill extremely quickly when you don't know precisely what the program is doing. 

Just like many free trials, PC Optimizer disables some of its most vital features during its free trial. This makes buyers angry, and unable to take care of significant issues with the registry, thanks to the Reg Cure PC optimizer's features for removing and destroying the issues within the registry. Lots of the users of the free trial have further said the program is a bear to run, regardless of some people having computers with quad core processors and four GB of ram. 

In contrast to the free trial, one of the few benefits of PC Optimizer, the paid version, is that it is simple to use. Most features can be found simply enough , however , when you do find them, just like the free version, things slow down to a crawl. You can wish to run this program in safe mode to allow it to work faster. While PC Optimizer announces that it has a good range of tools to remove the infections and issues within your computers registry, it doesn't have everything that some of the other programs for registry cleaning have. Many of the features appeared to be on a basic level, so basic that it isn't the best registry editor for someone who has a major problem. 

Scanning appears to work pretty well on PC Optimizer , however , after the program has found infections or other Problems within the registry, things change. The program then goes back to its slug speed, and feels like you are walking across a desert. The program does ultimately finish the action, and the problem is sometimes fixed, but the velocity of the program itself is sort of vexing to folks who need to see the problem, correct it and be done. I did enjoy the incontrovertible fact that PC Optimizer had a built in help feature. However , in order to use this feature, you had to search for the terms, and couldn't always find what you were searching for unless you knew the exact term they put it under. While PC Optimizer might be the right registry cleaner for some folk, it isn't the right one for me! 

Most folk like to know what they are deleting when a program has found an infection within your registry. PC Optimizer does offer that feature , however , when you try to view the name of the file or additional info about it, the program slows down once more. You might spend a couple of hours waiting for the program to close loading with all the slow speeds. If you need a registry cleaner which has been proven to work and remove the issues within your registry, you should be looking somewhere else.

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